Blended Topsoil Test Report

Screened and Blended Topsoil

We handle a variety of high quality topsoil products, starting with our high quality screened topsoil we offer standard and custom blends. Our screened topsoil comes from the Perche Creek Bottoms and is processed through a 1 inch screener, to remove clay, clods, sticks and roots. Screened topsoil makes the job of spreading easy, and saves time and money in the long run. Our topsoil is quality tested to ensure that the customer receives a product that is safe for the environment and free from chemicals and toxins.


Our compost is quality tested (compost test report) to ensure the optimal organic phosphorus and nitrogen levels for Premium Growth Yeilds. The compost’s primary component is 2-3 year horse manure base and secondary component of sawdust.


View our compost reports:


Compost Report #1

Compost Report #2

Compost Report #3

Garden Grow

Our Garden Grow Blend is composed of 70% screened topsoil and 30% compost.

Construction Bioguard Blend is composed of 80% sand 10% compost 10% topsoil.

* In addition to the standard blends listed above we can blend custom mixtures to your specifications.